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Tips to win in horse races there are thousands but the most important have to do with information and knowledge about horse riding and betting. The horse betting is a part of as old as their very existence competition. The factors that influence a horse race are multiple and we must control the maximum possible before risking our money, but it is not enough to be a great connoisseur of the conditions of each horse, box rider or each race, (distance, surface, climatology, rivals).

In addition, technical betting terms must be known, such as the handicaps, the value, and the impact of the statistics. Not only is it difficult to guess which horse will win in a race, but it is vital to know the reasons why it is more or less favorite and why it is paid more or less. If it is true that the quota to which it is quoted corresponds to its real possibilities of being first or being a ‘placed’ horse (it finishes among one of the positions that are rewarded).

That is to say: When making a bet in a horse race the analysis not only has to do of the race and the horse or rider who will ride it, but you have to be very meticulous with the study of which is the share that the bookmaker has placed and whether this corresponds or not to the real possibilities that this horse has under the circumstances and characteristics in which a particular race is going to be played.

If we are not able to draw conclusions in this regard, it makes no sense to bet on horse races given that we will enter the fortune factor as a determining factor and the more we play with chance and less with knowledge and statistics, the further we will be of success. One of the first steps we must take is to discard the horses we consider with such low chances of winning that we will despise them.

The step of choosing which horse will be the winner is the most complicated, but it will be much more if we are not able to take the first step and select with good judgment and firm pulse that are the horses that have no options. The process of discarding must be the first and is as important or much more than the final selection. There are many forums where we can inform you about how to bet on horse races. Most of us turn to the theories of Richard Eng in his book ‘Betting on Horse Racing‘, where he explains that there are three types of horses.

The decision to correctly frame a career for its components will be decisive for our decision-making. In this case, we talk about framing the horses in a first group; (Discarded for victory), a second: (with some though few options) and the last one: (Favorites). In the ability to distinguish these categories lies part of the success.

Then there are the conditions that can make a favorite a horse with more options (the distance in which it is run, the results of the participants in this distance, on this surface, their state of the form in the last races, their training or the rider who will ride it). Then it is time to assess whether the options of the favorites or the options that have their options and are in the second group are adjusted or not to the quotas.

If you see that the options are very tight and none of the data that you have in your power charge enough to have an advantage in the purchase of a value, a quota on the ‘value’, (worth the redundancy) preset. It is better not to buy. There is much data that the great connoisseurs of the horse can contribute to us when it comes to putting forward a race.

The era of telecommunications and global information helps us to know more than ever about statistics and numbers. Today it is very easy to access much information that all bookmakers have in their possession. However, the main part of the advantage is obtained on the same track or even through the possibility of seeing how horses are trained or how they are predisposed before starting the race.

Watching a live race with the start or already released with all the horses in the drawer can be a big drag. In many occasions, the information that can be more useful to us is to see the horse live in the previous moments of the race. His gait, his temperance, his own appearance. His musculature, his gaze. All these data, for the great experts in horse races, are determinants in the hour to know if a horse arrives or not in conditions to compete and to win.

In short, many factors are those that can determine the value or not of a horse race and in knowing if a bet has or has no value. In any case, one of the easiest practical tips to learn to bet on horse races and which is a maxim, (with the exceptions of these generalities), is that in a sport such as horse races where it is so difficult winning a race, the strategy of betting on top favorites is often a mistake.

In principle, (or one of the maxims in the bets of horses, is to obtain much yield with very little capital). That is, many benefits to a very high risk, but where there are factors that we consider are of sufficient weight to be able to determine the race in our favor. In general, and to make a simile with other sports, bets with a low stake but where the foundation is sufficient.

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