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On many occasions we read that investing in the stock market, with all that it entails, is similar to gambling, almost as many as we read and we listen to experienced traders trying to eradicate that false perception of public opinion. Only in one respect is this statement considered to be true, and it is precisely in the case of traders who make their investments in sports betting Online, applying to this entertainment sector the usual investment techniques in the financial markets.

However the field of sports betting offers many possibilities, so he founded Spotty where he applies trading techniques to sports betting. This sector is one of the few that has not suffered from the crisis and has not stopped growing in recent years.

It has a fairly simple way of operating. Bookmakers place quotas on every sporting event, they are estimates of the probability of results, but it is the users who modify them. Daniel finds fault with these estimates, with information that is often overlooked by bettors. It detects those quotas that are badly placed and invests in them. The sport that the most analysis of bets dedicated is tennis because it is a sport where there are more inefficiencies since those who bet many times do so by instinct.

“In the stock market when analyzing whether or not to buy a particular stock had to discern that some of the information available to that company was already reflected in the price and what part not. In betting it is very similar. When analyzing a quota, my job is to estimate if the information I have is already (totally or partially) reflected in it or not. ”

To make money in the stock market you have to move large amounts of money and only have that capacity strong hands, leaving small investors a small piece of cake.

In sports betting trading the opposite is true, since the number of professionals and big investors operating here is very small, and most of the bettors are recreational, that is to say, that they do not dedicate themselves professionally to it. A clear example is an English hooligan who loaded with beers before a game is going to bet on Tottenham still have all the chances of losing their money, that’s where the professionals come in, who expect this kind of action from the fans.

Nor is it an easy sector, since as in any financial activity that carries risks there are more people who lose than they earn. Here as in the stock market is fundamental to know the market very well and be a specialist in a couple of sports at the most. Another very important decision is to choose the bookmaker with which you are going to operate, the “bookie” as there are platforms that hinder players who have a good luck streak.

For example, it recommends companies that act as a market in which you can bet against other players since for example the bookies only allow to bet against the house of betting itself. In our country, only these types of bets are allowed. More or less, in summary, the mechanics of this game is to determine if the odds, or probability of a result, that sets the betting house, is correct or not and the investor will bet based on his previous analysis.

For example, its strategy to operate in women’s tennis, of which it is a specialist, contemplates several points, for example how the players are playing, creating a graph of how their quota evolves throughout the game and after analyzing the trend, assessing if the player is in an upward or downward trend, determines if he can enter into that trend in a good position in which the upside potential has not been exhausted. In the end, it also applies the maximum of trading, cut losses and let profits run.

As for the strategies with which to achieve success, each trader has his own. For example, the intraday trading type is used near the end of the football match, when the result is equalized and suddenly a player is thrown to the ground to waste time. When the stopwatch is stopped, the operator bets in favor of the tie and only undoes the position when the time runs out again, at that moment the quota in favor of the tie will be increased only by the fact that the match starts again and is more likely to happen. The objective of this technique is to obtain a benefit without any risk, this is done with corner loot for example.

The current legislation runs counter to this way of operating, the approval of the law of the game does not allow closing operations in the middle of a game and does not allow cross-betting between players, but only against the betting house itself, which complicates a lot obtain benefits.

The great players have gone abroad, expelled from the market, they settle in more permissive places, like London. The DGOJ (General Direction of Game Management), is again raising the possibility that they can make cross bets, something that is currently under study.

The world of Online Sportsbook trading is a field of mathematics, in-depth studies of sports and trends. It is a fun world that has nothing to do with competing against the big investors of the stock market, that if the government opens the hand and allows its development.

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