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It affects both experienced and novice, is one of the easiest ways to lose a lot of money and is a real danger if we do not know how to identify it before it is too late, we are talking about nothing less than one of the most delicate practices in sports betting : overbetting.

What is Overbetting?

Overbetting is betting above your real possibilities, which in the long run will give you an inevitably negative result. Usually it happens in two cases: surpassing the maximum Stake and betting much or nothing without studying the picks.

Exceeding my maximum stake or overstaking:

In betting you should always respect the maximum stake you have assigned to your bankroll, which is usually 10%. If you exceed this number, you will be overbetting.

Eye, short-term overstaking may seem positive, but in the long run it’s just the opposite. You do not have to trust yourself, you must analyze all picks well so that you assign a value to the event and calculate the stake that you are going to assign.

The more you analyze a match, the better your money allocation will be to that bet and you will not be tempted to relay an overbetting.

The amount of bets placed:

Many times we are tempted to surpass our number of bets in a day, either because we are on a good stretch or we are “believing the story” and we see values ​​in all parties. Look at it, making more bets than it takes can cost us the bankruptcy of our bankroll and say goodbye to our sports house.

In turn, when we are on the other side of the path, with a poor streak and confidence on the ground, we are blinded and we do not find any bets that fit our stake or that have any value. That will cause, plain and simple that we do not bet almost anything and will be falling overbetting, therefore, you will be lowering the pace of normal or established bets in your planning and the bad stretch will take longer to close its cycle.

Do not alter your planning and amount of bets, regardless of a bad or good streak, it is difficult, but it can.

How a tipster sees it.

For example, a tipster can see its overbetting just by analyzing its yield . If you fell into bad practice, it will reflect betting excesses regardless of stake and quota and you will see that in the long run there is less gain than a colleague without overbetting.

The overbetting is present every day and the best way to combat it is to study well all the bets you are going to make, adjust them to your stake and give them the value that corresponds. Luck!!

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