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Today we are going to talk about tennis betting, one of the most spectacular sports there is and possibly one of which has more types of bets available. The reason for its spectacularity has to do with the different tracks in which it is played (possibly the only sport in the world where many different types of playgrounds are used, each with its peculiarity), with the individual character of the sport, is also played in pairs) that gives a gladiator combat air, and for the very different styles of game that we can find throughout the world rankings. In addition, we are talking about a sport where women have a role very similar to that of men, which, unfortunately, is very rare.

But what we are going to focus on this analysis of online betting is, of course, the sports bets associated with tennis. And as we said at the beginning, the sport of the racket is one of the most playful when it comes to betting. The reasons are varied but they have a lot to do with the number of points and the number of different ways to make them there.

As you know, tennis does not work like most sports. Do not win who else points and does not even who more games get. Win the one who manages to win more sets in a match. This difference between points, games, and sets allows bookmakers to offer many more variants when it comes to betting than other, simpler sports, so to speak. In addition, points and games can be achieved by taking out or subtracting, which offers a further variant to bets on tennis.

All this, added, can give us an idea of the sport of the racket in relation to the bets a little mistaken. Let the first impression do not make you fall into the temptation to strike it immediately from your list of sports to bet. The variants in tennis do not make the bets more complicated, but much more fun. And, of course, in Online Betting we are going to prove it to you.

How to bet on tennis: Know the secrets of racket sport

We have already said that the number of variants offered by tennis makes it one of the most attractive sports when it comes to betting, especially in direct. In addition, many of the best bookmakers offer the possibility to watch the matches from their own website, which increases the comfort and, why not say, the desire to bet.

As in the vast majority of sports, in tennis, there are bets both before the game and during the game. Of course, there are big differences in betting between these two variants.

Pre-match betting

These are the bets that are made before starting each match. As in all tournaments are played every day, and in these are being classified and eliminated players are short-term bets, ie the bet and the game will be almost followed. This makes every day appear new parties, each with its respective peculiarity that makes tennis a sport in perpetual motion. The difference with other sports, especially with the team where the calendar is marked since the beginning of the season, is so abysmal that the techniques to bet change totally.

The best bookmakers: Search the best promotions

The vast majority of bookmakers, at least the largest, offer the majority of tournaments from around the world. Many of them can be followed live through the home web itself if we have money in the account. If we like this type of live betting, it is best to look for those bookmakers that offer the option to follow it on the web. Everything becomes much more comfortable. Of course, there are times that television rights do not allow retransmit some tournaments, which changes with the passage of time, so we can not ensure which bookmakers will broadcast certain tournaments.

With respect to quotas, they tend to be quite similar. There are none that stand out for offering very high fees with respect to the others.

You should also take into account the rules of bookmakers in tennis matches. Before we gave an example. Bet365 returns the money in bets to ‘over’ or ‘under’ of games in case of withdrawal of a player, but others validate the bet. In case we make these types of bets, it is best to look at the conditions of each of the houses to reduce the risk of losing money to the injury of one of the players.

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